Geophysics Test Sites

NSGG Maintains two Shallow Geophysics test sites at Leicester University. Their purpose is to provide a facility for training, demonstrations, calibration and research for many aspects of shallow geophysical surveys and methods.

Site Locations

Test Site 1 is at Southmeads Road

Plan of the site (Please click on the image to open a larger version)

Click on the text below to download site 1 descriptions and sample datasets in CSV format

Test Site 2 is at Stoughton Road

Test site 2 plan - Please click the image to open a larger version

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Site 2 Description (+maps & images)

In 2013 the NSGG test site at Stoughton Road underwent further development with the addition of a 20m2 area (Area 5) seeded with mock UXO and other commonly encountered geophysical targets.  The area consists of 16 targets specifically selected to present magnetic, electromagnetic or radar anomalies. Five of these targets were originally inert Unexploded Ordinance (UXO) targets however after the NSGG field Exhibition in May 2013 these targets were replaced with objects that present an equivalent geophysical signature.

To date ten different datasets encompassing four different geophysical techniques, and eight different equipment manufacturers comprise the data archive for Area 5.

Breakdown of techniques applied to Area 5

  • Frequency Domain Electromagnetic conductivity (GF instruments CMD Explorer)
  • Differential Time Domain Electromagnetics (Geonics EM61MK2)
  • Transverse Gradiometer magnetics (Geometrics G-858)
  • Vertical Gradiometer magnetics (Geometrics G-858 & Barrington Grad601-2 & Foerster Ferex & Sensys Magneto MXPDA5)
  • Ground penetrating Radar (Utsi Groundvue3 & Mala Geoscience X3M)

Area 5 Data Archive

You can download a selection of data collected in Area 5. Each dataset is in a ZIP file and comes with the metadata describing the data (except the Syscal Pro data).

The GPR data is large and may take a long time to download if you are on a slow connection.

These files are hosted on Google Drive.

It is hoped that this resource will be continue to grow and be used as part of future research projects. For further information on the resource please visit Geomatrix Earth Science Ltd.

Conditions of booking:

To book the site, send payment with a completed booking form to Max Moorkamp (
  1. Users must have permission.
  2. Users must have third party insurance for their operations, and will be required to state the maximum cover held on their booking form for a visit.
  3. Leicester University takes no responsibility for any loss or damage to equipment, nor injury to personnel using the site.
  4. Leicester University reserves the right to cancel grant of access to the site at its own discretion. In such a case it will attempt to give the user adequate notice.
  5. No operations which disturb the ground or make permanent marks in the grassed surface of the test site are normally permitted.
  6. Payment of £100 to EIGG will be invoiced on receipt of a completed booking form.
The charges will be used to maintain and develop the site. Suggestions for improvements to the site are always welcome. For further test site technical details or booking information contact: Dr. Max Moorkamp, Geology Department, Leicester University Leicester. LE1 7RH. Tel: 0116-252-3632 Fax: 0116-252-3918 Email: