16th June 2016 - “Instrumenting the Countryside” – Geophysical Monitoring of the Zone of Human Interaction

Geological Society, Burlington House, Piccadilly, London

An increasing use of the subsurface for a wide range of purposes has led to both a commercial and a regulatory need to improve our understanding of the nation's underground environment. New and existing uses include the exploration for resources and raw materials, the management of aquifers and groundwater, the disposal of waste, the mitigation of geohazards and the storage of energy. The latter is one of the Eight Great Technologies that HM Government regards as crucial for UK scientific and business capabilities. Specific applications include unconventional hydrocarbons (shale gas, coal bed methane) geothermal energy, carbon capture and storage, and underground natural gas storage.

This focus on the ‘Zone of Human Interaction’ is currently driving the establishment of field laboratories for subsurface R&D to provide world-leading knowledge in this area. A key component of these facilities is the permanent and continuous monitoring of the near surface environment. Understanding and characterising processes and interactions within the shallow subsurface (e.g. fluid flow, reservoir performance, containment) offer a unique opportunity for developing and refining near-surface geophysical monitoring methodology.

The aim of this meeting is to explore and promote recent advances in the wide range of methods available to monitor shallow subsurface processes. It will seek to bring together both academic and industry professionals to share experiences from different application areas, so as to highlight the state-of-the-art in our national capability of geophysical monitoring.

Example topics:

  • Reservoir and repository monitoring
  • Groundwater & contaminants
  • Waste containment
  • Landslides & earthquakes
  • Hydrological & ecological processes
  • And many more

The meeting convenors are:

  • Antony Butcher
  • Anna Horleston
  • Oliver Kuras.

11th - 12th February 2016 - Integrated Imaging of the Earth

It is our great pleasure to invite you to the Geological Society of London to participate in the annual British Geophysical Association - New Advances in Geophysics 2016 (BGA - NAG 2016) conference on 11th - 12th February 2016 on "Integrated Imaging of the Earth". This event will bring together researchers, students and the industry. The conference is marked by prominent invited speakers who will share their expertise and provide insights into the recent advances in Geophysics.  

We are inviting prominent speakers in the field to give keynote presentations. At the moment we have confirmations from:

  • Aria Abubakar, Schlumberger - "Joint inversion in hydrocarbon exploration"
  • Javier Fullea, Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies - "Integrated geophysical-petrological modelling of the upper mantle using terrestrial and satellite data"
  • Niklas Linde, University of Lausanne - "On the value of multiple data types and conceptual geological knowledge in hydrogeophysical inversion"  

More information can be found at the workshop webpage -

Registration and abstract submission will open early September.  

The organizing committee:

  • Max Moorkamp
  • Marta Perez-Gussinye
  • Jenny Collier

Advance notice of meetings in 2016

May 2016. Research in Progress, The Geological Survey, Keyworth  

December 2016. Advances in Archaeological Geophysics. Venue: Burlington House.