Instrumenting the Countryside – Geophysical Monitoring of the Zone of Human Interaction

This meeting has been CANCELLED

The economic development of the UK’s rural areas goes hand-in-hand with a need to understand the structure of the subsurface. Whether applied to characterise resources – water, minerals, hydrocarbons or geothermal energy – or to mitigate geohazards in the construction of surface and underground infrastructure, the need for continuous monitoring of the subsurface “Zone of Human Interaction” is pressing.

The drive to understand the Zone of Human Interaction has prompted the installation of permanent field laboratories, leading to an unprecedented monitoring capability. The aim of this meeting is to explore and promote recent advances, both academic and industrial, in our national capability to characterise the near-surface environment. Abstracts are invited from all practitioners applying geophysics in fields including, but not limited to:

  • reservoir and repository monitoring
  • groundwater and contaminants
  • geohazards, including landslides & earthquakes
  • ecological conservation.

Convenors: Adam Booth, Antony Butcher & Oliver Kuras

Advance notice of meetings in 2016

December 2016. Advances in Archaeological Geophysics. Venue: Burlington House.