Near Surface Geophysics Master courses in the UK

The following masters degree courses offering a high content of near surface geophysics, are available in the UK. This list may not be definitive as courses change on a year by year time frame and anyone hoping to follow a post graduate degree course in near surface geophysics should conduct their own research into what courses are available and their content.

  1. Leeds University - MSc Exploration Geophysics
  2. Southampton University - MRes Marine Geology and Geophysics
  3. Keele University - MSc in Geoscience Research
  4. University College London - MSc Geophysical Hazards
  5. University of Bradford - MSc Archaeological Prospection
  6. Orkney College, University of Highlands & Islands - MSc Archaeological Practice
  7. University of Aberdeen - MSc Geophysics

The following are four year undergraduate Masters courses that have a high content of near surface geophysics

  1. Keele University - MGeoscience Includes geophysics modules and a geophysics field course in the final year
  2. University of Leicester - MGeol Geology with Geophysics

If any course directors feel their own course should be included in this list, please contact the NSGG chairman via the contacts page